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WhiteSpider is an advanced technology services company, specialising in the strategic design, implementation and support of software-defined service architectures. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in the UK, WhiteSpider operates globally and has a diverse customer base spanning multiple industries.

We believe IT should be an asset to the business and our goal is to deliver this value to our customers. Our team is made up of industry experts who have the commercial awareness and the technical expertise to design and deliver IT infrastructures tailored to your organisation’s strategic goals. To do this, WhiteSpider has developed a unique solution delivery framework called ea4.

We are committed to adding value to our customers and we work with stakeholders at every level, from the CIO to the helpdesk. We aim to standardise and simplify IT infrastructures, always using the latest, future-proof technology – our expertise includes cloud, data centre, enterprise networks, mobility and virtualisation.

When advising customers and during solution design, our goal is to remain 100% vendor neutral. However, we work with a small number of industry leaders in software-defined solutions, using complimentary products from their portfolios as part of our solution delivery framework.

WhiteSpider recognises the impact that automation and orchestration will have on IT service delivery in the future. We believe that IT infrastructure should be programmable, simple to manage and cost effective. We have our own DevOps team which works with customers to automate and simplify the management of their infrastructure.

We believe IT should be an asset to the business and our goal is to deliver this value to our customers.

Our Values:

Technology Evangelists

We believe that cutting-edge technology transforms the way businesses operate. Our goal is to deliver this real business value to our customers. Our team contains market-leading data centre and networking experts, experienced in delivering high-quality solutions.

Simplification and Standardisation

Our primary focus when working with customers is to reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructure, introducing new standards and best practice. Commercially, we also follow a standardised cost model.

Solution Focused

Our goal is to remain 100% vendor neutral. While we have relationships with certain leading vendors, we recommend and implement solutions that best fits the customer’s business and technical requirements.

Customer-Centric Approach

We focus on building relationships with our customers. Our ea4 project delivery framework involves the customer at every stage and we work collaboratively to fully understand customer requirements and implement the best solution.

Focused on Value

Our team have a deep level of technical expertise in a wide range of technologies. However, when we feel we do not have the required expertise, we will work with a trusted partner to ensure we add the most value to the customer.

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WhiteSpider works with some of the worlds largest companies to design and build technology solutions that deliver real world results. Our approach is simple but highly compelling:

  • Our team is made up of true experts who are able to translate business imperatives into best practice technology solutions.
  • Our unique approach, based on our ea4 framework, combines the best of architecture and delivery methodologies to deliver a seamless service to our customers.
  • The results speak for themselves, with a rapidly expanding list of satisfied customers whose technology service is more agile, efficient and resilient as a result of our work.
  • We may not be a huge organisation – though that’s what everyone who works here values – but we most definitely punch above our weight in terms of some of the customers we work with; global pharmaceuticals, insurance and construction companies, as well as leading motor racing teams. We also highly value our people and so are continually investing in training and development.
  • By joining WhiteSpider you will have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented and capable people in the industry and have an unmatched opportunity to learn and share – whilst working around the world with some of the largest enterprises and organisations.