Digital Transformation


DevOps is all about automating manual processes and creating bespoke software to improve business operations. At Whitespider, our DevOps team works with customers to deliver applications that meet business demands.


Automated data centres allow IT teams to think about more than just keeping the lights on. Free from repetitive, manual tasks, IT staff can focus on strategy and delivering business-critical applications. WhiteSpider specialises in delivering automated solutions that free-up IT teams.

Enterprise Applications

IT is all about applications. The best applications have the ability to drive innovation, reduce costs and improve business efficiency. We have developed a number of bespoke enterprise-grade applications for our customers.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions often present great challenges for IT teams. We have worked on a number of business mergers and acquisitions, and are experts in rationalising and simplifying diverse IT infrastructures.


Enterprises cannot continue thinking about technology in terms of dollars saved or hosting data outside company walls. 

At WhiteSpider we approach IT in terms of what technology can make possible, creating new experiences for end users and delivering top line value. We work with our customers to help them understand what the user needs and build solutions to achieve these goals. Our aim is to create better customer experiences.

Cross functional team
DevOps functions cannot work in isolation, rather our team is composed of cross-functional members from across the business – including engineering, marketing and operations.

Aligned to business strategy
Our DevOps department enables collaboration through process automation and aligned goals — creating the agility your company needs to scale your business and enter new markets.

Deliver stable operating environments
Our solutions and applications help deliver the visibility, control, and automation you need to manage complex and interdependent applications throughout your enterprise.


WhiteSpider is a leading expert in helping enterprises transition from a traditional, manual IT infrastructure to software-defined solutions. These technologies enable organisations to orchestrate and automate their infrastructure.

Some automation solutions, such as Cisco’s ACI and Hyperflex platforms define policies for connectivity. However, enterprises still need to extend policies to the application services and the management platforms.

WhiteSpider’s software development team works with enterprises to build automation tools that enable the end-to-end automation and orchestration.

Enterprise Applications

Today’s dynamic enterprises are enabled by applications that drive innovation, reduce costs and make business more efficient. To compete in the digital era, organisations of all sizes need to invest in applications that help deliver on key goals.

With our software development expertise, we are designing and implement applications that enable organisations to work efficiently, improve operations and reduce costs. Recent examples of our work include:

  • ERP solution for Sporting Teams that enables them to improve the management capability and performance of their teams
  • Network infrastructure monitoring application for identifying the status and performance of devices.