We are the UK’s leading partner in Cisco ACI. Our solutions have helped multiple global enterprises. A selection of our case studies can be found below highlighting the benefits of changing to ACI.

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Arecibo is a network monitoring tool that enables WhiteSpider to ensure the availability of critical devices and services within an IT infrastructure. It allows us to detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues efficiently, reduce outages and improve stability.

Software-Defined Data Centre

A software-defined data centre is a pay-as-you-grow architecture which consolidates compute, storage and networking. It allows IT staff to automate large parts of their infrastructure, giving them more time to deliver enterprise applications.

Software-Defined Networking

SDN is an innovative approach to networking which separates the control plane from the data plane. It allows administrators to programme and automate their network infrastructure, cutting complexity and cost.

Software-Defined WAN

SD-WAN uses software and cloud-based technologies to simplify the delivery of WAN services. We use SD-WAN to help businesses deploy internet‐based connectivity at a fraction of the cost of private circuits, improving automation and manageability.

In order to succeed in our changing world, business leaders need to develop an effective digital strategy. IT can help businesses transition into the digital age by providing infrastructure and services that are fast, secure and cost-effective. WhiteSpider design and deliver digital solutions that transform the operations of organisations across the globe, from sports teams to multi-national enterprises.


Arecibo is our monitoring and management service. It provides real-time visibility of your organisation’s IT resources from a single dashboard. Arecibo brings together diverse infrastructure management capabilities and presents a unified view of the end-to-end service or application.

Realtime Detection of Issues
WhiteSpider’s own management solution, Arecibo, allows IT organisations to inspect each logical layer of a data centre to ensure the end-to-end availability of applications and services.

Arecibo collects real-time information from multiple data sources across the infrastructure and presents this in a unified manner. It allows you to view the status and performance of your infrastructure in real-time. This enables IT teams to better understand their infrastructure and the availability of different services and applications. Arecibo enables businesses to make fact-based, real-time business decisions.

24*7 Service
Arecibo has the ability to monitor enterprise services for any customer in any region 24 x 7 x 365. The core capabilities of Arecibo include:

  • Integrated Monitoring & Reporting
  • Server Monitoring
  • Storage Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Fault Management

Correlate Multiple Events and Failures
Arecibo rationalises your portfolio of monitoring and management tools into a single, comprehensive solution; management functions are integrated and visualised in a single structure. Arecibo helps IT teams control complex infrastructure services, simplifying the challenge – and reducing the cost – of infrastructure management.

User Experience Management
Our approach to infrastructure management is focused on ‘end-user’ experience. Arecibo enables you to monitor the performance of hardware and software; it also delivers real-time insights into application level quality of experience of users across your entire estate.

Software-Defined Data Centre


When virtualising a data centre, all of the system resources – the compute, storage, and networking – can be ‘abstracted’ and represented in software form. These resources can then be provided to users as a service.


Our considerable expertise in data centre technologies – from traditional three-tier to hyperconverged infrastructure – combined with our software development expertise, enables us to design and deliver automated solutions that deliver applications and services at the speed of business.


At WhiteSpider, we build software-defined cloud solutions that prepare organisations for the digital age. WhiteSpider are a leading Cisco partner and work closely with them to deliver their breakthrough ACI and Hyperflex solutions.


The software-defined data centre delivers:


  • Automation: IT teams cannot manually configure devices at the pace required by modern applications. Automation speeds-up and centralises the control of enterprise data centres.
  • Rapid growth: Rapid business growth puts heavy demands on data centres. SDDC solutions give IT organisations the opportunity to flexibly and rapidly scale to meet changing requirements.
  • Reduced costs: On average, 95 percent of infrastructure changes today are performed manually. Automating and orchestrating these activities will significantly reduce operational costs.


Organisations are always finding new applications that they want to employ, and they want them fast. It can’t take weeks to configure the data centre when applications are changing so fast – IT must maintain pace, up and down the stack.

Software-Defined Networking

Increasingly, traditional networks cannot support the dynamic needs of modern IT environments. New technologies – such as cloud, mobility and big data – are changing the demands placed upon the network; today’s networks need to be agile, automated, high-performance and scalable.

SDN is a new approach to networking in which the control plane (or SDN controller) is decoupled from the underlying hardware (the data plane). This allows IT staff to simply configure, control and manage the network from a single user interface. SDN takes cost and complexity out of the network, allowing IT staff to focus on delivering modern, high-performance applications.

WhiteSpider specialises in SDN and has skills across a wide portfolio of vendors and products. In addition, WhiteSpider are the UK leader in Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure platform. We have successfully designed and deployed ACI solutions for enterprise clients throughout the UK.

WhiteSpider are the UK leader in Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure platform.

Software-Defined WAN

WhiteSpider were one of the first adopters of SD-WAN technologies. This is because we strongly believe that policy-based automation is the future and that this approach adds most value to the customer.

SD-WAN helps businesses deploy internet‐based WAN connectivity, reducing their dependence on expensive private circuits (such as MPLS). In this way, SD-WAN helps customers reduce their operational costs. Cost is taken out of network in other ways too – new sites can be configured at the single click of a button, meaning that IT staff no longer have to travel long distances to manually configure remote offices.

At WhiteSpider we work with the leading SD-WAN providers to create and deliver solutions that meet the demands of IT today. We have designed and delivered SD-WAN for enterprises across the globe, and continue to work with them to transform the performance of their WAN infrastructures.

Today’s networks need to be agile, automated, high-performance and scalable.