Our unique project delivery framework is called ea4. It covers the entire lifecycle of an enterprise IT transformation, bridging the Delivery Gap. The ea4 framework comprises four stages: Audit, Architecture, Alignment, Assessment.


At WhiteSpider, we only employ highly-skilled and experienced consultants. They are experts at understanding your organisation’s business goals and aligning this with your IT strategy.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is a framework that helps align business vision and IT strategy. WhiteSpider has extensive experience in developing enterprise architectures, helping organisations reduce IT costs and improve efficiency.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions often present great challenges for IT teams. We have worked on a number of business mergers and acquisitions, and are experts in rationalising and simplifying diverse IT infrastructures.


WhiteSpider specialises in helping customers strategically plan and implement IT infrastructure solutions. To do this most effectively we have developed a framework called ea4. This framework comprises 4 stages: audit, architecture, alignment, assessment.

During the first stage WhiteSpider will work with key stakeholders to conduct a detailed inventory of your organisation. We will take an in-depth look at your current IT estate and the problems you face. Next, we will look comprehensively at the whole organisation from a commercial perspective, considering its drivers, vision and future strategy.

Based on this detailed audit, WhiteSpider will then design a tailored architecture, which will detail the specific systems and technology required to effectively deliver your organisation’s strategic vision. WhiteSpider will then work with your organisation to implement our solution with minimum disruption to operations. We will provide comprehensive documentation, handover and knowledge transfer to enable you to smoothly manage and support the new services and capabilities.

All WhiteSpider’s work is based on this ea4 framework. This framework is proven to deliver real business benefits and we have extensive experience developing, implementing and managing architectures across the globe.


This is the process of gathering an appropriate level of understanding of your organisation from the high level strategy through to the IT assets to ensure existing and planned used of technology capabilities is aligned to the businesses desired outcomes.

We work with business stakeholders and IT teams to build a comprehensive knowledge of your organisation’s technology capabilities and service environment to provide:

  • Detailed inventory: gathering and maintaining detailed information about your IT assets will help both improving IT’s operational control and make more informed business decisions for IT investment.

  • Dependencies: Comprehensive recording of connectivity and technology dependencies across the infrastructure.

  • Lifecycle information: Recoding the support life all network elements to ensure it is aligned to planned changes and upgrades.

  • Quality: Uncover areas of IT infrastructure in need improvement and issues of poor IT installation.

The process enables organisations to develop a detailed understanding of the existing IT systems and infrastructure and to assess the risk of failure and change in the network estate and reduce the risk of failure.

Enterprise Architecture

This is the process of defining the overall form and function of business and IT systems across an enterprise, documenting the framework, standards and guidelines for technology architectures across the enterprise.

An effective enterprise architecture comprises a comprehensive view of the business, including its drivers, vision and strategy; the organisation and services required to deliver this vision and strategy; and the information, systems and technology required for the effective delivery of these services.

Technology capabilities are created for many reasons, such as competitive threats, specific opportunities and regulatory mandates. However, such tactical developments and investments are often performed without enterprise-level planning that would enable the business to extract full value of its assets.

Enterprise Architecture is a structured approach that enables capabilities to be developed within the context of their strategic importance and ensure their optimal design. We work with organisations to develop a repeatable mechanism that creates business value by explicitly linking business and IT capabilities to business strategy.

Enterprise Architecture provides the framework, tools and techniques to help organisations improve the alignment between their business goals and IT initiative. WhiteSpider has extensive experience in developing and managing enterprise architectures, reducing IT costs and improving efficiency to meet the needs of the organisation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can have a huge impact on technology infrastructure. It is critically important during the process of a merger, for instance, that IT operations are not disrupted; IT is crucial to almost all aspects of a company’s mission-critical operations.

During a merger or acquisition, IT departments juggle the demands of ‘keeping the lights on’ and working to integrate different IT departments and infrastructures. Often, they are also encouraged to reduce overall IT costs. As a result, defining and delivering the business’ end goal can often be very challenging.

At WhiteSpider, we have direct experience of merging different data centre technologies and splitting one network between two organisations. We understand the challenges facing IT during mergers and acquisitions, and have the skills and experience to support and lead complex projects.